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Thanks for your interest in the Charlotte Area Pet Sitters Network.

Networking benefits include:

a. Local referrals. We can help each other with referrals and backup and show potential customers that we have their best interests at heart even if we are unable to serve them ourselves.

b. Promotion and Advertising. Together we can educate the pet-owning community and other pet-care businesses about our industry. We can also reduce costs and increase the amount of advertising we do by putting together joint advertising campaigns.

c. Education. We can learn from each other and pass along "tricks of the trade" that can help reduce costs, hire employees, improve pet care and build a customer base.

d. Support. No one else understands what we do or what it takes to be a professional pet sitter. Just sharing experiences with someone who truly does understand can be an important resource.

All Sitters are welcome with companies of any size as long as they meet the qualifications below:

Qualifications for membership:
1. Carry Liability Insurance
2. Use Contracts
3. Attend 1 Meeting in a calendar year
4. Payment of $5.00 dues per calendar year - payable in cash.
5. Business located in Charlotte or surrounding areas

After the owner of each business attends a meeting it is fine if they sent one of their IC's in their place for any remaining meetings. We really want to see each owner at least once a year.

There will be a probation period of 3 months for anyone who does not make 2 meetings in a year. This will give them a final chance to make a meeting and get their dues paid before being removed from the roster and Zip Code Search on CAPPS website.

Dues must be current to remain a member of the Network.
Current members: Due each year at the first Meeting in January but if you can't attend the meeting must be paid by the July Meeting .
New Members: Due at the time of joining the Network.

---->New members must show proof at one of our quarterly meetings of Current Liability Insurance & pay dues before being added to our Facebook Group and CAPPS' Web Site Zip Code search.

Meeting Schedule 2017:

We will meet once per quarter with a casual meeting, meeting with a speaker or social evenings out. The social nights out will be during the week and in the evening. They will be held in the slower months of the year and from 7:30pm-10pm.

Jan 7th
April 1st
July 15th
October 7th

  Location for regular meetings: Mugs Coffee Shop @ Park Selwyn Terrace, 5126 Park Road, Suite 1D, Charlotte, NC

Our Web site:

Charlotte Area Professional Pet Sitters

*Request to join our group on Facebook and someone will message you back through Facebook Messenger. Be sure to check your other folder in your messages.*

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